Our products will improve your ACAP development and allow you to build better applications in less time!


Developer tools that makes ACAP development with the AXIS ACAP SDK easier. We have tools such as CLI, Github Actions integration, etc.


Precompiled libraries that works out of the box in your Axis network cameras. Building an ACAP application using our libraries makes development faster and maintenance easier.


Our reference projects are ACAP applications or complete software systems where you can get access to the source code. You can, with or without our help, further modify the applications to work with your specific needs.


As a complement to our other offerings such as education, consultation and retainers we are offering a selection of products. Just like the rest of our offering, all our products are developed to solve pain points for ACAP developers and make the AXIS cameras a natural go-to platform for IoT and video analytics. Developing edge applications should not be hard.

- Daniel Falk, Founder of FixedIT Consulting

Take a look at some examples

You can find some examples of how our tools and libraries are used in our GitHub repositories. You can also contact us for a demonstration.

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