You got a compiler from Axis.

Now what?

The ACAP SDK from Axis gives you:

  • A compiler for each camera platform
  • A few abstraction libraries for the systems
  • Isolated examples of "toy problems"

To build a product you need:

  • Unified environment for all camera platforms
  • Developer and QA environment
  • Integration between multiple projects
  • Easy access to 3rd party libraries
  • Integration with 3rd party platforms

Spend CPU cycles, not headcount

With our tools for automation and testing you can spend CPU cycles instead of valuable ​head count. Our application package test tool that verifies the integrity of the .eap files is excellent for continuous integration (CI/CD​). Combine it with our templates for GitHub Actions and you are up and running in no time!

On demand learning

Enhance the skills of your ACAP developers, keep up to date with the new AXIS ACAP features and make onboarding of new employees to a breeze!

Our ACAP developer e-learning platform gives you easy access to our learning material. We have free content as well as premium deep dives. The material is available as video courses, text-based courses, follow-along exercises and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge.

Take me to the e-learning platform!
ACAP e-learning platform for developers

Our Services

Regardless if the outcome is a toolset, a software deployment unit or a development process, it will be custom tailored and applicable to solve your specific needs. With many years of history within the computer vision and video analytics fields for Axis' cameras, we have made solutions for domains ranging from retail analytics and industry 4.0 to IoT and building automation. By leveraging our experience and know-how together with our in-house development tools and libraries we help you deliver fast results with major impact for your business problems.

Developer education

and tools

Are you getting into a new domain within ACAP development, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, MLOps or camera analytics? Our courses, videos and selection guides helps your developers get a flying start and orient themselves in the complex environment. With our tools, getting productive has never been easier!

Long-term leadership and retainers

Are you already in the game and experiencing growing pains or just looking for ways to make your systems scale better? We can help your organization with design discussions, problem solving and system wide recommendations.

PoC implementation and system design

Do you have a project idea which needs a Proof of Concept (PoC) or demonstrator? Are you committed to deliver a project with a tight dead-line? As a hired gun on small but critical projects we can do application bring-up, algorithm implementation, benchmarking and optimization or prototyping.

Our Partners

With the aim to make ACAP development easier and more powerful, we have partnered with companies that complement each other. With our custom integrations it is easy to combine different frameworks and make them work in unison.

We are an Technology Integration Partner to AXIS

AXIS Technology Integration Partner

Our partnership with Axis Communications enables us to build technologies that expand the offering from the AXIS network cameras.

We are a Solution Partner to Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse Solutions Partner

As a solution provider for the Edge Impulse MLOps platform we build technologies that make it easy to use their AutoML or MLOps platform to train and create models for the AXIS network cameras.

Some of our tools

With our tools you will become a more efficient ACAP developer.

Build and run applications

Building and running ACAP applications in the Axis network cameras has never been as easy as it is with our developer tools. Regardless if your cameras are locally connected to your Linux computer or if you are at the airport with you Macbook, accessing a camera and running the application is just a command away as demonstrated by our founder Daniel Falk in this video.

Create new applications from templates

We are frequently creating new applications for our clients and with the help of our template library and scaffolding tools we can significantly reduce the time needed to get started. In this video Olatz Gomez shows how easy it is to create a new camera application.

Flexibility with no commitment

You can use us as your primary resource for ACAP development projects or you can request our services a few hours every week or month to deal with the most critical tasks. With our assistance your development team will never be stuck again. We are not requesting you to commit to paying for a certain amount of hours, instead our contract with you simply means that we are ready to help you whenever you need our experience.

Data capture, event integration or edge AI

Our clients are using our ACAP applications for everything ranging from simple rule based event filtering to advanced video analytics on the device. Our core focus is Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Computer Vision (CV) for the Axis network cameras using the modern tool stack for Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) and Amazon Web Service (AWS) together with the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP).

Rule-based triggers and health monitoring

Simple applications on your camera that monitors its status or reads its event streams. The applications are preconfigured to detect specific conditions such as combinations or sequences of events. When a condition is met the application produces a notification as a new event, HTTP push message or any other means of communication that can be received by a VMS or server.

Cloud integration and configuration

Applications installed on the camera that can upload image or video data to a cloud provider, where video analytics are performed. These applications can also fetch configuration data from the cloud to customize the camera's and the application's behavior. The edge application can host a web-based user interface that allows any operator to configure or troubleshoot the application.

Edge Machine Learning (Edge ML)

Edge ML applications use deep learning models or machine learning algorithms directly on the camera without requiring any additional hardware at the site. This can be achieved by using pre-trained models from a model zoo or by training custom models using TensorFlow. Some of the cameras has special hardware for ML (DLPU), while the other cameras can use CPU-based models. Edge ML can generate aggregated statistics or real-time event triggers based on the model output.

Common system designs

Edge based analytics

Data storage, model training and model compilation is done in the AWS cloud. Once the models are trained and evaluated they are deployed to the edge camera systems by integrating them in an ACAP application that is installed in an Axis camera with a Deep Learning Processing unit (DLPU), e.g. the ARTPEC-8 platform. Collection of training data is performed as a separate task on all or selected devices.

Cloud based analytics

Both data storage, training and model inference is performed in the AWS cloud environment. Data from connected Axis cameras is streaming or batch-uploading to a cloud gateway where the model prediction is performed. Some of the data is directed to the data lake to use as training data for the next iterations of training jobs.

Our focus is on empowering clients

We are working together with your own development team to build in-house competence in your organization.


Identify challenges and opportunities


Recommend libraries, integrations and system designs


Create project breakdown and perform time and cost estimates


Create initial ACAP application structure and customized tools


Empower your developers with knowledge about the Axis ecosystem


Retained advisory or consultancy

Talk to us!

Company training

Hands on workshops mixed with conceptual understanding will help your developers regardless if they are new to video analytics or seasoned computer vision experts. Our company trainings comes in different flavours and can be tailored to your needs.

Intro to Machine Learning

Focus on the most value generating proof-of-concepts by giving your developers an extensive introduction to ML and the concepts around it. The course can be given either at a decision maker level or at a developer level.

  • ML learning methods and data domains
  • Model evaluation and bias mitigation
  • AutoML and ML APIs
  • Finding and reusing datasets
  • Ethics and legal considerations for machine learning

1-3 days

Request more info

MLOps best practices

Growing pain, slow lead times or failure to scale PoC models can be combatted with the mapping and introduction of MLOps best practices. This training is best tailored to your specific organisation and can be given either at a decision maker level or at a developer level.

  • Experiment tracking
  • Dataset versioning
  • Pipelines and remote workloads
  • Evaluation and debugging
  • Model monitoring

1-3 days

ACAP development

Getting started with ACAP development or migrating to a new SDK can seem daunting, but there is a clear structure to how the environments are structured. Depending on your use case, one SDK will be better than another. With hundreds of AXIS camera models to choose from you need to understand where they differ and what properties they share.

  • SDK versions, runtimes and environments
  • Camera models and chipsets
  • Neural Network accelerators
  • Structure of an ACAP application
  • Parameter handling in applications
  • Applications with web servers

1-5 days


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