I provide transformational services at all levels from hands-on PoC implementation and system design to strategical planning. If you are in the fields of edge computing, AI for embedded, video analytics or computer vision then my consulting services are for you. Regardless if the outcome is a toolset, a software deployment unit or a process it will be tailored and applicable to solve your specific needs. As a specialist focusing on the machine learning area, I have many hours worth of relevant experience and knows how to navigate the minefield. To not step on the mines will save you a lot of money and increase the odds to create the product you actually need within the time frame you need it.

Where data science meets software engineering

A machine learning solution requires an extensive data collection effort, data and algorithm exploration to avoid bias or cross domain issues, significant annotation work and organization of datasets, algorithm versions and validation results. Knowing what tools and libraries exists, how custom tools should be implemented and the best design practices and patterns will:

  • Create shorter development cycles and reduce time to market
  • Improve robustness and reliability
  • Streamline the operations and governance process

Where business meets tomorrow's technology

Transforming a problem into an opportunity demands detailed knowledge about technology strengths and weaknesses. The business value comes from a solution that can scale sufficiently, perform good enough where it is important and be predictable or explainable in the critical decisions. A solution that does not integrate in the correct ecosystem can loose its value. A manual operator validating events in a security critical application expects one thing while a business owner looking at statistical charts once per quarter expects something else. All this understanding affects the system that should be built and the following processes:

  • Targeting the data that should be collected
  • Choosing a domain for data annotation
  • Defining test KPIs and validation parameters
  • Prioritizing requirements, system designs and deployment domains

Expertise in:

C programming, Python programming, Computer Vision, Linux systems

Focus on empowering clients

My work often starts off by spearheading the team creating more performent solutions, more predictable solutions or better scalable solutions. As the solution proves itself I shift my focus to capacity-building and empowering the rest of the team in the processes, the theoretical background and the resources needed so that they can apply the same principles to maintain, improve and further develop their solutions. Every solution, every product and every feature needs a driving force, therefore my end goal is always to get someone to claim the full ownership of the results.

I work for long-term relationships and make sure that each transaction is a two-way street. Sounds interesting? Let's talk.



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