We have repeatedly created 100% customized applications based on our customer's needs. When there are no off-the-shelf ACAP applications that fit your needs, FixedIT will be your trusted partner.


AiTecServ's solution for wildfire and water detection is a computer vision solution integrated with Axis for early detection. It can send alerts with different outputs or channels, automate alarms and enabling automatization of traffic lights, doors, gates, and other devices.

It consists of an ACAP edge application and an AXIS Camera Station setup. Read the case study here.


This application simplified the camera on-boarding for a customer who is doing their video analytics in the cloud. Differences in camera configuration are a thing of the past since this application will correctly configure the camera and start a recording based on a profile. As new video segments are recorded, they are uploaded to the customer's cloud service.

We have modules for uploading data to Google Cloud Platform's GCS, Amazon Web Service S3 and file upload using SSH/SCP.

An ACAP application for the Axis cameras that can upload videos to the cloud service


Accessing video from cameras that are spread across a large geographical area can be daunting and the configuration and setup needed when connecting the camera to a new network can be a hassle. For this customer, who used the Wowza streaming engine, we created an ACAP that is capable of pushing RTMP video to the streaming server. This means that all traffic is outgoing from the network and no port forwarding is needed.

The application can also communicate with the server to control the camera's functionality, such as indicator lights and PTZ.

An edge application (ACAP) for the Axis cameras that push video to a streaming server


Bar codes and QR codes are frequently used to track items in logistics and manufacturing. This application was created for a customer to automate their processes by detecting QR codes, decoding their data and sending triggers over MQTT. The application is capable of detecting both QR code and bar code and can detect and decode multiple codes in each frame. The application can be complemented with OCR to be able to decode plain text.

ACAP edge application capable of detecting bar codes and QR codes in the Axis camera


Using a custom trained deep learning model to detect objects and control the camera's PTZ can be valuable in many domains. We have created multiple variants of this application where we either control the mechanical PTZ in a camera (the model is seeing the same view as the user) or by using digital PTZ for a separate view area which allows the model to continuously monitor the overview while the video stream contains only the object of interest.

FixedIT provides the customers with the tools needed to train their own models on their own datasets. An example can be seen in our video on YouTube.

An ACAP that uses a deep learning model to find objects and control the PTZ


With our help you can take your Axis camera integration to the next level. Tell us more about your needs and we will connect you with a developer to get you the right information.