A Case Study on AiTecServ's Fast Track to an MVP

Think about how quickly a technology platform can transform a business. Specifically, picture a company that went from having no Axis camera knowledge to becoming experts developing an analytics solution with Axis components. This company is none other than AiTecServ.

AiTecServ is a technological company specialized in analytical systems. They have developed Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence solutions and provide services for strategic consulting, Project Management and Data Science

Our objective was to develop a scalable solution using a series of machine learning and computer vision models crafted by our Data Science team in a shorter timeframe without the necessity of creating an entirely new VMS, all while retaining internal knowledge. Through a robust partnership with FixedIT.ai, we successfully accomplished our primary goals.

Jaime Santos, CEO AiTecServ

Stopping Wildfires and Flooding

With AiTecServ's deep experience in data science and computer vision, they had the data and the deep learning models to detect forest fires and localize flooding in areas such as tunnels. Most companies might have stopped there, showing off their algorithms on prerecorded video. But not AiTecServ, they had their target locked on an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) running at their prospects' sites. That's when they found FixedIT.ai, and it got them primed for success.

Developers often encounter challenges, especially when it comes to understanding the initial steps and gaining access to necessary resources. AiTecServ faced similar hurdles when they decided to integrate their algorithm into the Axis cameras.

However, with the help of FixedIT's comprehensive resources, AiTecServ was able to overcome these challenges swiftly and effectively. By leveraging the FixedIT.ai technology and consulting services, they not only mitigated immediate hurdles but also created long-term strategies for resilience and growth.

Some of the things that FixedIT.ai provides to AiTecServ are:

  • Instructor-led training for the developer team
  • Project planning and system design
  • Developer tools and prebuilt libraries
  • Weekly sync-meeting to ensure efficiency
  • Implementation of solution examples and PoCs

The first steps can be daunting, and mistakes are easily made before you fully understand a new platform. This is why the project kick-off consisted of a series of workshops where developers at FixedIT showed the different Axis components and how they can be used both by developers and in operation. With FixedIT's expert engineers who have both the deep expertise of ACAP application programming, but also the broad and extensive knowledge endorsed by the Axis Certified Professional certifications, the learning was more efficient than any other option and the cost was quickly offset by the time saved.

FixedIT.ai provided training, support, and guidance, allowing our developers to enhance their expertise in the AXIS ecosystem and acquire the essential skills to pursue new features. The critical success factor was that FixedIT's services were geared towards empowering our internal team rather than delivering a pre-packaged solution.

Jaime Santos, CEO AiTecServ

The project continued with the design of the whole system. Not only is the robustness and reliability created by the edge-based design a critical aspect, but also the communication channels that make alarms easy to configure and verification possible in real-time.

FixedIT's developers' unique combination of deep knowledge from a programmer's perspective combined with the system thinking of an Axis Certified Professional was invaluable. There's a large number of Axis camera models, all with different aspects that are important to understand when developing edge applications for the cameras.

Using a network camera as a software development platform can at first seem complex due to the application runtime specific for these network devices. Regular tools and processes are not enough for successful implementation in this environment. Luckily for AiTecServ, they could get access to the FixedIT.ai developer tools created specifically for ACAP application development in the Axis cameras. When it comes to the speed of implementation, those tools are a game changer. This is what Jana, a developer at AiTecServ, has to say about the FixedIT developer tools:

The "fixeditcli" tool significantly speeds up the development process of our ACAP, is easy to install and use, and allows for seamless integration into existing codebases. With one command, we can build and deploy ACAP applications directly to the camera using passwordless SSH. I highly recommend the tools to every ACAP developer.

Jana Schäfer, ACAP developer at AiTecServ

Being able to use third-party libraries and open-source projects is pivotal to achieve high-quality results quickly. When programming in C and C++ for exotic hardware, it can be a daunting task to include a library. This can lure many developers into the trap of creating their own implementations that are both prone to bugs and expensive to maintain. Not only do the camera systems share a lot of the challenges with smaller embedded systems such as the need to cross compile code for devices with limited flash, but the deployment environment is also heterogeneous with many differences in both hardware and software between the many available camera models.

This is something that FixedIT.ai has solved by offering precompiled libraries that they build and maintain specifically for the Axis network cameras and the AXIS OS. When using the FixedIT build tools, including a new library is only a few lines of configuration.

The precompiled libraries save us time by eliminating the need for cross-compiling, and they are maintained, tested for compatibility by FixedIT and just work. This has made our development significantly faster and more efficient, allowing us to focus on application logic rather than setup and deployment complexities.

Jana Schäfer, ACAP developer at AiTecServ

With the Target Locked on an MVP

AiTecServ emphasized the importance of real-world application over prolonged development phases confined to a lab. They wanted their solutions to reach customers as quickly as possible. FixedIT's extensive experience of past deployments was invaluable in making that ambition a reality. By leveraging FixedIT's knowledge and resources, AiTecServ could rapidly transition from idea to real-world product, ensuring they stayed ahead of the curve.

The first step focused on swiftly developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), achieved within just a few months. But FixedIt's support extends far beyond that initial milestone. They're committed to guiding AiTecServ from the initial concept to the final product, and even further.

From brainstorming sessions to regular maintenance, FixedIT is there every step of the way to tackle unexpected challenges. Leveraging their extensive experience with ACAP application deployments and operation in the real world, FixedIT ensures AiTecServ is well-prepared for post-deployment scenarios. FixedIT's holistic approach guarantees that their customers always have a trusted partner to navigate the complexities of their journey.

We now feel more prepared and capable of embracing new challenges, offering vital day-to-day support to our customers, and exploring the extensive capabilities of AXIS. We plan to continue our partnership with FixedIT.ai to tackle these new challenges and ensure ongoing knowledge growth.

Jaime Santos, CEO AiTecServ

I Want to Know More...

AiTecServ's solution for wildfire and water detection (aiming imminent flood prediction) is a computer vision solution integrated with AXIS for early detection. It can send alerts with different outputs or channels, automate alarms and enabling automatization of traffic lights, doors, gates, and other devices.

You can find more info at AitecServ's product page or by contacting them at services@aitecserv.pt.

If you too want FixedIT.ai as a trusted partner and a supplier of technology and knowledge, you can read more about their service offering at FixedIT.ai or contact them at info@fixedit.ai.


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