ACAP developer tools

FixedIT Application CLI (FApp CLI) is a command line utility tool designed to make ACAP development easier than ever.

With our CLI tool you can become a more efficient ACAP developer and enjoy increased productivity while experiencing less friction and doing fewer repetitive tasks. The tool was designed for our in-house needs after years of experience with ACAP development. With our tool you get:

  • Faster prototyping (install and run ACAP)
  • Easier access to remote cameras
  • Improved error handling and recovery
  • Camera and credentials handling
  • Reduced complexity of Makefiles

GitHub Actions integration for ACAP CI/CD

Our developer tools does not only make you more efficient when developing locally, we also have GitHub Actions integrations to make automated builds and automated tests easier in CI/CD. With our GitHub actions you will:

  • Save time by building and deploying ACAP applications in GitHub Actions
  • Catch errors faster by verifying .eap file integrity in automated build jobs


Get in touch and we'll walk you through the tools and how you and your business can improve with them.