Meet Our Team

Daniel Falk

Daniel is the founder of He has been working as a developer and technical lead writing AXIS ACAP applications for the security- and video-analytics industry for nearly a decade and has done software and embedded consultation for even longer. Daniel is an expert and influencer in MLOps and Machine Learning Engineering with focus on Edge ML. Read more about Daniel at LinkedIn.

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Axis Certified Professional

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Daniel Falk, Founder FixedIT and ACAP developer

Olatz Gómez

Olatz is a C-programmer and experienced AXIS ACAP developer with a great interest in IoT and problem solving. Olatz is creating edge applications for our clients and assists with integration to systems such as the AXIS Camera Station. She is a strong problem solver who enjoys debugging and using her analytical thinking. With a background in embedded system development she has experience of everything from VHDL (hardware description language) to Docker and virtual machines. Read more about Olatz at LinkedIn.

Axis certification for AXIS Certified Professional

Axis Certified Professional

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Olatz, ACAP Developer at FixedIT

Dimitrios Zarogiannis

As an Artificial Intelligence and integration engineer, Dimitrios is everything from a Machine Learning deployment engineer, data scientist, cloud engineer and back-end developer. His overarching goal is to develop tools and platforms that make it easy to add intelligence to the network cameras using AXIS ACAP applications. He has experience with the Google Coral Edge TPU, ARTPEC-8 DLPU and the Ambarella CV25 CVFlow. He is a Python and C/C++ developer. Read more about Dimitrios at LinkedIn.

Dimitrios, AI Engineer and Axis Deep Learning Specialist at FixedIT

Where To Find Us

FixedIT Consulting AB is based in Lund, Sweden at the innovative area of IDEON Science Park's startup incubator. We are located right across the street from the Axis Communications HQ. With our global reach we are working with companies from all over the world with the ambition to make your cameras smarter and help you grow.

Our offices are located at IDEON Science Park, Beta 5. You will find us right across the street from Axis Communications HQ and 50 meters from the tram.

Visiting address:

FixedIT Consuling AB

Beta 5, third floor

Vätet 1 - Beta 1-6

Scheelevägen 17

223 63 Lund

Postal address:

FixedIT Consulting AB

Scheelevägen 3G

SE-223 49 Lund

General Information

Global insurance

The company has global consulting and liability insurance with coverage including USA and Canada.

Flexible payment arrangements

Payment can be done using SWIFT international transfer, credit/debit card (with 4.95% service fee), payment to PayPal account or to Bankgiro account.

IT security throughout the process

We use 2-factor authentication for IT services, confidential data files are stored with symmetric encryption, laptops and external drives are setup with encryption at rest. In need, we can use certificate-based s/MIME encryption for email communication.

No disclosure and non compete

Our goal is to always work together with ACAP developer partners, Axis Technology Integration Partners (TIP) or system development companies. We are not a video analytics product company and does not strive to sell production grade applications to end customers or system integrators. Since we work with multiple innovative start-up companies across the world we know the value of intellectual property, and we are happy to sign the NDAs needed for our cooperation to be beneficial.

Global goals

We believe in the use of technology to create a better world for everyone. Read more about how we work with the global goals.