We believe that technology can help us create a better word! The products we build help other companies, who are experts in their domain, create systems that improve the world.

Here you can read about some of the global goals we think we can impact.

Zero hunger (2)

With our products we can promote sustainable agriculture using modern technologies. Cameras and computer vision can be used together to monitor livestock and analyse their behaviour. This can increase animal well-being and reduce sickness among the animals which leads to a sustainable food production and less usage of antibiotics. By doing these improvements the farms will increase yield of e.g. meat and dairy.

Good health and well-being (3)

People detecting computer vision algorithms proved valuable during the pandemic to:

  • Ensure minimum safe distance between visitors
  • Limit maximum number of visitors in a facility
  • Detect missing use of face masks

Similar algorithms can be used in multiple other cases like e.g. construction where intelligent algorithms can make sure that people wear the correct protection equipment and don’t trespass into areas where it is not safe to be located.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure (9)

Our applications are used to monitor traffic on the roads, resulting in safer and more efficient transportation. They are also used in industries for operational optimisation and for automation, both uses increasing quality, efficiency and output.

Sustainable cities and communities (11)

With intelligent cameras we can prevent crime and reduce vandalism. Algorithms monitoring the cities over long periods of time will aid with city planning and help us create cities that are made for the people who lives there. Automatic people counters in public facilities can be used to optimise the planning of the cleaning personnel making sure that the public spaces are pleasant to visit.

Climate action (13)

Cameras with object detection can be deployed in forests to detect early signs of wildfires. Early detection over vast areas can allow the firefighters to combat the fires before they get out of control. Computer vision based algorithms can be used to monitor water levels in lakes, rivers and reservoirs, reducing the impact of natural disasters and giving us insight on long-term trends.

Life on land (15)

Cameras with animal detection algorithms can be used to monitor and count wildlife, giving us more knowledge about animals behaviour and a better estimate of how many they are. Cameras can detect poachers performing illegal hunting or people and equipment used for illegal deforestation.