Prebuilt ACAP libraries

Quicker development and increased compatibility with our prebuilt utility libraries.

Don't waste time cross compiling libraries and maintaining 3rd party build code! We have a large collection of prebuilt libraries for everything from encryption to computer vision. The libraries are tested in the cameras, maintained by us and normally compatible with all active ACAP SDKs. By using our prebuilt libraries you can:

  • Use libraries that you know works in the Axis cameras
  • Avoid maintaining 3rd party build code
  • Increase compatibility between multiple ACAP SDKs
  • Avoid long build times and high worker cost

Monitor your ACAPs with our Sentry client library.

Edge applications for the Axis network cameras are expected to run without human intervention for year after year. With thousands of cameras spread out across different sites in multiple countries it might be hard to monitor the device health and track the status of all bug reports. With a tool such as Sentry, telemetry information is automatically sent to a cloud service where you can build dashboards, track error messages and dig into performance profiling data. We have introduced precompiled versions of the Sentry client that can be used in your ACAP applications. Remote monitoring allows you to:

  • Increase application robustness
  • Catch errors before customers suffer
  • Optimize algorithms based on real-life usage patterns


Get in touch and we'll show you the numerous libraries that we have prebuilt and explain how you can start using them today.